Educational Institutions play an important role in meeting the individual and collective needs and aspirations of the people of a country. In our case, our aspirations are guided by Islamic ideology and rich historical heritage. It is, therefore, expedient to establish a standard institution which can inculcate in the youth, the ideal and aspirations of the nation emphasizing spiritual values of equality, tolerance and social justice.

Jabbir Bin Hayyan (Muslim Scientist recognized as the father of Chemistry) Trust is a vibrant NGO working in the areas of education, socio economics and basic health facilities in rural areas of Pakistan, with focus on education. It has a network of USWA PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES in the far-flung rural areas of Pakistan.

It was a cherished desire to establish a quality residential institution in Chakwal District. The College was initially established in a rented building at Chakwal in July 2008. Some philanthropists have generously donated an area Total 100 kanal of land at Dhudial/ some land also purchased, where College has been established since April 2008. The construction is gradually in progress keeping in view the future requirements.

Importance of Education In Islam

The revelation of the Holy Quran commenced with very teaching of the word Read” which is a manifestation of the significance of education in Islam. The history of mankind is fraught with the instances of the importance of knowledge. Man is the vice regent of God on earth only because of his knowledge. On the creation of man, Angels were ordered to bow before Adam, the first human being, due to his superiority upon them in terms of knowledge. Moreover there are a number of traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) throwing light upon the importance of Education, about sixty non-believers were held as prisoners of war, whom the Holy Prophet gave the task of educating Muslims, at the completion of which they were set free. Besides another tradition relating to education is, the ink of scholar is holier than the blood of martyr.


Student will be inducted in class VI once in a year. However limited seats in class VII and VIII are available this year. Five to seven years of education at the College will enable them to obtain Intermediate certificate from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi after passing their examinations.